Technology of Propaganda became true through manipulation of nervous system.

We all aware of the Famous propaganda of Nazis Minister Josef Goebbels. This technology based on illusion of words, showing people the reality that they wanted. Imagine this weapon in hands of 21st century’s government.
Well, it will happen sooner or later because same guys invented a patent named “Patent #6506148” and what exactly does? Simple manipulating humans nervous system through electromagnetic waves.
Lets say we have a video of the biggest terrorist in the world placed in 2010 when he was still alive.

With this patent, we can change this video showing this terrorist threatening the world using facts placed in our days, which will be a proof that he is still alive making the world feel unsafe once more. This is how this patent works. Using as terminal the TV monitor or Pc monitor changes specific nerve vessels via computer and showing the world what the user want.

Well, in our days, when TV and Web is the main weapon against truth, how dangerously is that?