7 Reason Why Syria is main target of NATO.

Its obvious that Syria has been the center of the interest for NATO.But why the hell they want so badly to enter to this country and take it over. Well, the things are more complicated.

First of All, Syria has no central bank that the family of Rothschilds rule. Every other Arab nation has one, but not Syria. Rothschild family rule almost all central banks in the world, and for those who does not yet let the Big family to enter the logistic system the war hits upon them.

Secondly, IMF does not yet buy their dept. And thats because Syria has no one.
So IMF cannot run their economics.

Thirdly, Syria does not support production for genetically modified organs.

Next big thing is that Syria knows every single detail about New World Order and thats because Russia is behind them, and fight it together years ago.

Big thing Also is the resources in Oil and Gas.

Syria does not Support Israel Government. We saw that Trump, reconfigure Jerusalem as Israels capital.....

Also Syria is the last Secular Arab Nation.....

Beware of the NWO....it is upon us